"Zach Brown Glass V2.1"

"Zach Brown Glass V2.1"

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ZB's famous v2 with a flat top handle. Incredibly refined through years of repetition with a new handle.

***discount do not apply to this model**

Brand new flow options: 

**ZB's standard- the flow you are used to. Highly responsive feel. 

**ZB'S open flow- best suited for larger rigs or rigs that require alot of air flow to function properly. These rigs fuction better with more air movement and tend to create more pressure than smaller or lower water volume rigs and thus don't need as much pressure at the cap and benefit from more air flow. These are also well suited for beginning of a dab where some folks like to move more air.

** ZB'S melt special/ dry dabs. Extra tight for extended low temp melt dabs and finishing melt dabs. Perfect for dry smoking. Extra pressure mimicking the pressure added from the water and makes the hit perfect. This is the cherry on top of a well rounded quiver. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Luke Villanueva
best of the best

theyre the best cap. each cap feels custom and that could be a good or bad thing.

Brett Booth

Ordered 4 more caps and stoppers. Never received package (says it is at USPS). I’ve called, messaged, and emailed but haven’t talked to anyone. They also don’t insure packages so be aware of that. You will left hanging if anything happens to you order. Out $400?

One Happy Tamper
Always a treat!

Zach's products and service need to be experienced to be appreciated. The fit, finish and function of the caps is unmatched and each transaction has been been a joy. Prices are very fair to begin with and frequently discounted, so if you're on the fence, consider tilting toward a ZB cap!

Timothy Du

"Zach Brown Glass V2.1"

Love these

Amazing cap’s definitely recommend if you smoke or want to get the most bang for your buck. Love the new handle on these ones have 4 caps all amazing 🤩